Dec 14, 2014

Noch ein Video. ^^

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The Truth About Michael Brown and the Ferguson Riots

Dec 8, 2014

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Mh, better and shorter:

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Dec 3, 2014

How Bourbon is Made

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Dec 1, 2014

Höhlentauchen. Weniges lässt mir die Hirnwindungen mehr zusammenziehen. Panik. Größte Angst: die Lampen fallen aus. Was macht man dann?

Hier das Jug hole in Florida mit Originalton. „Mesmerizing“.

Jug hole finished from Tony Sellers on Vimeo.

Dec 1, 2014

Starker Artikel:

“Equality in the Workplace? Okay, which one?”

When they’re done cracking the tech ceiling, they can move on to get equal numbers of women and men in merchant shipping, highrise construction, waste disposal, commercial fishing, homebuilding, heavy equipment operation, mining, oil drilling, logging, livestock husbandry, powerline maintenance, industrial construction, road- & bridge-building, sewer maintenance, tunneling, wildland fire suppression, railroad operation….

For my own part (and the list is actually much longer), I never thought for a second that women couldn’t handle any or all of these. I’ve wondered for a lifetime: so where are the recruits, ladies? Where are the marchers and petitions and social media campaigns and political pressures, to break these male-dominated professions open for women to enter and thrive in, and in matching numbers to those of men?

Not interested, seems to be the silent answer. It really looks, on closer inspection, as if gender equality is intended only for climate-controlled offices or the gilded halls of power, because, by this measure of gender equality, the only women’s work is the work women are told to want to do.


A woman could make a fortune working on an offshore platform or running a welding shop, but that isn’t the true goal of this gender-equality melodrama, is it? Those women are of little utility to a far larger aim, which is to create female-dominant, female-favoring leadership across the spectrum of civilization, and the complete proletarianizing of men in order that we may continue, as always, doing the heavy lifting required to maintain that civilization, but with less reward, less respect, less influence, less longevity, less services, less credibility before the law….

Men are the spider-killers in the feminist vision of a gynocratic future. We will have our place, and just might make some kind of decent life for ourselves, so long as we stay in it. That much has been made plain.